Wedge appliance doors open.

Freezer, refrigerator, washer and dryer cartons are excellent for packing bedding, towels, and clothing. Always clean your stove before storing.

Pack books flat

to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on floor. Books are heavy in bunches, pack in smaller cartons for easy lifting. Line all book cartons with plastic. (Garbage bags make good liners.)

Store mirrors, windows and screens on edge,

not flat. Crate them in mirror pack if possible or package them individually with strong cardboard. Mark them so they won’t accidentally be bumped.

Take time when packing dishes and glasses

Place a layer of packing inside bottom and top of cartons. Plates and glasses should be wrapped individually. It’s best to stack plates on edge.

Wipe the surface of bicycles, tools and other metal items

with a slightly oily rag to prevent rusting.

Save holiday decoration cartons

which contained delicate ornaments. Pad the ornaments with packing paper or newspaper.

Protect furniture and mattresses

with specially designed plastic covers. Place a pallet, cardboard mat or plastic sheet on the floor and stands sofas and mattresses on end.

Store records on edge.

They are quite heavy, so be sure you don’t pack too many in one box.