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How much space do I need?

Estimating Chart Use this chart to estimate the volume of your goods. Then match the number of cubic feet you need with the right size storage space. Cubic Feet Per Piece Number of Pieces Total Cubic Feet Card table, clothes basket 1 Table lamps, ironing board, footstool, golf bag, clubs 2 Floor lamp, clothes hamper, […]

Are your goods insured?

FIRE • WINDSTORM • ROOF LEAK BURGLARY • VANDALISM All can happen at homes and apartments. It can happen here too.Insure your belongings while in storage. Ask the manager about self storage insurance at reasonable rates.If it’s worth storing, it’s worth protecting.

Things to remember

Use a good quality lock on your storage space. Since you alone control access to your storage space, there are some items which should never be placed in a storage unit. Among them are items such as: live animals, perishables, explosives and all flammable liquids and fuels. Our gate hours are posted at each facility. […]

Helpful Hints

A BOX FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN A BOX. That’s the best protection for your goods. Use uniform sizes of boxes and stack them shoulder high to maximize your total storage space. Pack stereos, cameras and other high value items in unmarked boxes toward the rear of the storage space. Prepare your storage space by […]

Hints for storing

ALWAYS… Wedge appliance doors open. Freezer, refrigerator, washer and dryer cartons are excellent for packing bedding, towels, and clothing. Always clean your stove before storing. Pack books flat to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on floor. Books are heavy in bunches, pack in smaller cartons for easy lifting. Line all book cartons […]