Everyone loves a big, glorious refrigerator, right up until you have to move it. Don’t Panic! Royale Storage has 5 easy tips to help you!

Step 1 – Unplug the Fridge

Ok, seems obvious, right? Make sure to unplug it a few hours before the move, though, as you want to get the fridge time to defrost.

Step 2 – Clean the Fridge

Time to clear everything out – there may be some mystery items in there, be sure to put them in the appropriate place! Scrub the fridge and freezer down well, so it won’t get smelly later. Don’t use cleaning solutions, as food absorbs odors. Make sure to either take all shelves and drawers out or secure them with tape so nothing will break and/or move in transit.

Step 3 – Prop Open the Door

Keep the door propped open while you move. This will keep the inside of the fridge dry. This is important because you do NOT want mold to grow on the inside.

Step 4 – Secure Door in Place

Once you have your door held securely open, secure the fridge completely with rope or stretch wrap to ensure that the door doesn’t open while you’re moving it.

Step 5 – Move the Fridge Using a Dolly

Now comes the part where you actually move the refrigerator. For short distances without stairs, you can use a wooden rolling dolly (although an appliance dolly may make your life easier…). If stairs are part of your journey, we recommend using an appliance dolly. There’s nothing more heartbreaking (or backbreaking) than a fallen refrigerator. If you don’t have a dolly, talk to Royale Storage!