Moving In

On move-in day, simply show up at the facility and Please bring a photo ID, your lock and a form of payment. If you do not have your own lock, no problem, we sell them at the facility.

Depending on your move-in date, you may need to pay a pro-rated amount for your first month. Other move-in fees may include:

Additional Fees

Insurance optional: Our facilities offers insurances and it’s at the point of the move that a tent can purchase the insurance.

Administrative fee: The admin fee is a common storage industry fee that covers the cost of signing up a new tenant.

Security deposit: A security deposit will be charged upfront. This works in much the same way as a security deposit for an apartment rental.

Moving Out

Please direct all move-out inquiries to the office staff. Please let them know when you plan to move out. While storage leases are typically month-to-month, you will be required to give advanced notice of your move-out.

Additionally, most facilities will not prorate your rent when moving out. Be sure to coordinate a move-out date with the facility to avoid paying for a full month.

That’s it! On your scheduled move-out day, empty your unit and follow any additional procedures requested by the facility. In the last trip of the move out please stop by the office to sign the move out form. Have questions about your storage needs? Call Royale Palms Mobile Lodge and Storage today!