How much space do I need?

Estimating Chart

Use this chart to estimate the volume of your goods. Then match the number of cubic feet you need with the right size storage space.

Cubic Feet Per PieceNumber of PiecesTotal Cubic Feet
Card table, clothes basket1
Table lamps, ironing board,
footstool, golf bag, clubs
Floor lamp, clothes hamper,
high chair, portable sewing machine, vacuum cleaner, lawn chair, heater, tool chest
Table, chair, coffee, end or night tables, toy chest, tricycle4
Barbecue, lawn mower, picnic bench, step ladder, foot locker, wagon5
Playpen, wheelbarrow, bicycle6
Rugs or pads, portable TV, crib, garden hose and tools, filing cabinet8
Breakfast table, cedar chest, chaise lounge10
Bookcase, rocking chair. Console TV12
Occasion chair, corner cabinet13
Recliner chair, china cabinet, desk, bureau, dresser, washing machine, picnic table, sewing set20
Buffet, double dresser, range25
Buffet w/hutch top, couch, sofa, single bed30
Wardrobe closet (Armoire)36
Double bed, freezer45
Grant total

Estimating the size of a storage space needed: Size may vary due to wall thickness and height. Most units are 10 feet in height. To arrive at the number of cubic feet in a storage space, follow the example.

Approximate size =  Square feet x Height =  Cubic feet
5 x 10            =            50 x 10               =         500

Quick rule of thumb to determine size of space needed:

Personal items only, i.e.
skis, boxes, clothes
1-2 Bedroom apartment5x10
2 Bedroom dwelling10x10
3 Bedroom dwelling10x15 to 10x20
5-7 Room house10x20 to 10x30


Royale Palms Storage

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  • Seguridad iluminado
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  • Ubicacion conveniente
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  • Puerta Abierto 7 Días
  • Unidades de control climático
  • Candados disponibles
  • Over 490 Units from 3x4 to 12x20
  • Lighted Security
  • Computer Gate System
  • Convienient Location
  • Ground Floor Units
  • Gate Open 7 Days
  • Climate Control Units
  • Padlocks Available


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